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    Meble Wrzosowa - functionality, tradition and timeless beauty 

    Meble Wrzosowa is one of the most recognized Polish kitchen furniture brands This family-owned company, which will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary, skillfully combines long-standing traditions, functionality, top quality and original design of furniture.

    The article was published in Forum Biznesu - an addition to Dziennik Gazety Prawnej in 2012.

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Meble Wrzosowa - functionality, tradition and timeless beauty

Meble Wrzosowa is one of the most recognized Polish kitchen furniture brands. This family-owned company, which will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary, skillfully combines long-standing traditions, functionality, top quality and original design of furniture.

Interview with Mr. Andrzej Woźniakowski, the owner of Meble Wrzosowa

Your company began its operation back in the former political and economic reality. How do you remember that period?

The company was established in Wrzosowa (hence today’s company name) in 1985 as a craft business, producing custom-made furniture for customers who searched mainly for furniture for their houses and apartment interiors. 

One of the elements that guaranteed success in those times of non-market economy was access to raw materials, which were limited. It was imposssible, for instance, to buy wood or lacquers on the free market. That was the biggest obstacle and we devoted a lot of energy and time to obtain such materials. Despite the difficulties, however, we managed to continue production maintaining our domain as a priority, i.e. kitchen furniture - mainly tables, chairs and
stools. Our tables were at that time in the offer of department stores in Częstochowa, Katowice and Warsaw. By the end of the 1980s we oriented the production towards provision of comprehensive kitchen furnishings and that is how complete series of furniture sets came into existence, which is what we specialize in now.

How did your company find its place in the days of transformation and new market reality?

After 1989 when the political system changed we experienced the first results of the crisis connected with the transformation. Day by day we were losing a lot of customers, such as state-owned department stores. Nevertheless, we quickly managed to adapt our offer to completely different recipients, whose demands grew very quickly, and we implemented new distribution channels. The need to meet customer requirements encouraged us to specialize in
production of custom-made furniture, which was accompanied by such conducive factors as the appearance of integral domestic appliances on the market that were produced with the intention of building them into furniture structures, as well as ergonomic solutions, e.g. in terms of the height of tops, drawers, location of the sink, distance between the fridge and the hob, etc. Year after year we recorded increasing dynamics of development. Already in 1994 we presented our company for the first time during the fairs in Poznań, where we established contacts with foreign customers. Export of our furniture is still one of the elements of our sales policy, however, it does not constitute a large market share. A key issue for us is expansion in our country, where the number of demanding customers is constantly growing.

We have opened a second plant in the town of Mstów near Częstochowa, where the company’s seat is located and we are gradually increasing the network of our own retail stores in Poland - today there are as many as 13 of them already. We began our operation as a five-person company, today we employ around 100 highly qualified specialists and invest regularly in modernization of our production lines.

Could you now tell us about your current comprehensive offer?

We provide services in the scope of design and production of kitchen furniture sets, including full equipment of domestic appliances (fridges, ovens, dishwashers, hobs, etc.). In this area we cooperate with
leading manufacturers of domestic appliances available on the Polish market. We obviously also offer furniture sets without any devices and in such a case the customer can purchase the appliances on their own. All pieces of furniture are based on our own designs and thanks to the use of state-of-the-art digital technologies, every customer may become familiar in advance with visualization of their own dream kitchen.

Our furniture is offered both in classic and modern styles (“Ambrozja”, „Avance”, „Atena”, „Karolina”, „Perla”, „Paulina” lines), characterized by a simple form and state-of-the-art technological solutions, as well as the exclusive style (e.g. the furniture from the Victorian line “Symfornia” and “Dynastia”), which not only looks spectacular, but it also reflects the users’ style of living and residential character of the interior - it is functionality and tradition combined in timeless beauty that is reflected in the precise workmanship and attention to every carved detail. We manufacture furniture of
solid wood (beech, oak, alder, sweet cherry, maple, American black walnut wood) or with the use of wood veneer. In production we use materials that meet the most demanding standard criteria - clean emission, mechanical strength and esthetics. They are verified materials with the highest quality parameters, which make your furniture resistant and easy to use and maintain on a daily basis. On individual customer’s request we implement their suggestions, both concerning the design and the use of finishing materials (e.g. steel and glass color, use of leather, upholstery, etc.). That is how furniture sets from the Concept-Line are created (in accordance with a customer’s concept, their expectations and needs).

The furniture is offered in a wide range of colors, as well as in the natural wood color (Eco-Line), finished with natural products (linseed oil plus beeswax). Orders are processed in the period from 4 to 6 weeks. We provide transportation across the whole Poland at our cost
and assembly of furniture as well as connection of all appliances is performed by our specialist team, which also conducts training for users.

What other elements determine the unique nature of Meble Wrzosowa? What is your competitive advantage based on?

It is a combination of functionality and beauty of the furniture that determines their highest quality. It is not only the workmanship and visual aspects, but most importantly the long life of the furniture, which is the result of the top quality raw materials and components used, as well as the user-friendly nature of our products. We offer a five-year warranty period for our sets and many years of post-warranty service, which includes repairs, modernization, restoration and replacement of furniture. For us a kitchen in a house or an apartment is the hub of family life. It is here that most household members meet every day, especially in the morning. It is the most important room, therefore we make every effort to meet our customers’ expectations, ensuring that kitchen furnishings satisfy all their needs,  
on the one hand by creating the right atmosphere by its beauty, on the other hand meeting the requirements in terms of functionality of use. Undoubtedly, one of the key elements influencing the end quality effect is the design itself, which should assume the entire subsequent process of furniture use. All of those factors make for uniqueness and top quality of our furniture, which in combination with comprehensive services, gives us an unquestionable advantage on the market.

We use the principle, according to which customers make their choices themselves and purchase whatever they wish to have, not what others want to sell to them.

 interview by Joanna Chrustek


Meble Wrzosowa

The company’s seat and main retail store are located in Mstów near Częstochowa where also the new plant is situated. The company also has a production facility in Wrzosowa, where the first factory was established.

The “Meble Wrzosowa” products can also purchased in around a dozen of brand stores located in Poland, among others in Bielsko-Biała, Częstochowa, Gliwice, Katowice, Lubin, Łódź, Poznań, Rzeszów, Warsaw and Wrocław, and even in Suwałki. The customers can also arrange consultations with our expert in order to obtain advice on selection of kitchen furniture or execution of a design - all you have to do is complete the form available at www.meblewroszowa.pl. The meeting can be held in one of the company’s retail stores or at customer’s home.

      Meble Wrzosowa is a company that maintains the highest standards, which has been proven by numerous awards and distinctions received at trade exhibitions and fairs, such as Gold Medals at the Poznań International Fair in 2004 and 2006, as well as Katowice International Fair (2001-2003). Meble Wrzosowa were also nominated to the the “Dobry Wzór” (Good Design) marking in the competition of the Institute of Industrial Design (2006 and 2011). The company is also a three-time winner of the Opole Furniture and Interior Design Fair (2000-2002) as well as trade shows in Cracow (2002-2003). It now has a chance to become the Winner and receive a medal in the Polish nation-wide competition Najwyższa Jakość (Highest Quality) QI 2012.