• Modern Kitchens

    Simple minimalist shapes and high functionality. The best materials, advanced technologies and top class equipment have been used here. Every single aspect of work in a kitchen has been considered, with particular emphasis on ergonomics. Increased surface of drawers allows to store objects of non-standard dimensions. Kitchens have been equipped with practical organizers for storing cutlery, plates, pots or spices. Modern ecological solutions of dry and organic waste sorting have also been applied. Also small-scale solutions, yet making our lives easier, such as electric push-to-open and soft-close cupboard systems, as well as additional lighting inside the cupboards and drawers have been prepared. 

  • Stylish kitchens

    When creating this product line our designers liberally drew on European artistic joinery traditions, including furniture in English and Provencal styles. Carving decorations in the form of wreaths, reliefs, pilasters and turned columns have been used. Typical sculpting armorial, plant and animal motifs have been applied, based on the models of palace and manor house kitchens. Custom-made furniture gained shine thanks to addition of charming stained glass and beveled glass. Not only top quality natural materials - wood and stone, but also the best fittings have been used in production. 

  • Tables and chairs

    Tulipan table - Original shape resembling an original form in a natural way indicating places for three people. The woodwork structure and natural wood make it user-friendly and pleasant to the touch. The frame structure as well as the three-point support make the table stable and secure in use. The table top is smooth and solid, which offers a sense of comfort. Customized design enables correction of the dimensions. Furniture versions are available in oak, beech, American black walnut, alder and sweet cherry, as well as maple.

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